Review: Stargate Universe – Gauntlet

“It’s not dead – it’s resting” — Monty Python (Dead Parrot Sketch)

Nice way to put the series to bed – with the option to open it up for movie, future series, or whatever. In one final act of desperation, the crew of the Destiny sees that they are facing a no-win scenario against the drones and needs to take a longshot at getting somewhere else. It seems that the drones and their command ships are camped out at every star and every gate along Destiny’s path. If they’re going to refuel or resupply, they’ll going to have to fight for it. With Chloe’s help, they can make some good calculations and use the element of surprise, but they’re going to take a beating and that won’t last long.

We see some awesome acting in this final episode. I hope it means lucrative careers for the actors in the future or at least guest appearances at Dragon*ConComicCon, etc. 🙂 I loved the conversation near the end when Rush says to Eli (paraphrased) “You’ve come a long way since that video slacker a year ago.” and Eli’s response “You’ve… remained consistent.” OH SNAP! I’m going to miss moments like that. Col. Young does a great job of portraying the weary, beat-down, commander who just can’t find any rest. I felt like reaching through the screen to help hold him up like Simon of Cyrene carrying the cross for Jesus. (OK, a Monty Python and biblical reference in the same post – first). Eli’s final observation deck scene is also classic. The look on his face was priceless.

My gut tells me that this show is going to have a loyal “Firefly-esque” following because the fans love it and the network shut it down too early. I for one will miss it. It was definitely in the top 5 list of best Sci-fi shows in the past 10 years. FWIW, the second (aka final) season is available on DVD May 31. That didn’t take long!

Farewell SGU – I hope you wake up someday and continue the voyage!


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