Review: Chuck Versus The Last Details

Chuck and Sarah are winding up the plans for the wedding. There’s just one problem, Chuck’s Mom (aka Frost) has gone missing. She attempts to infiltrate a Volkoff stronghold to retrieve the Norseman device and gets caught. Chuck, Sarah, and Casey put together a rescue mission, but when they find her, she’s defiant about being rescued. Chuck gets in a tangle between Sarah and his Mom and we see he’s still got some learning when it comes to marriage.

Casey is very much against Morgan being part of the mission and benches him, but doesn’t say why. When General Beckman calls and informs the team that Vivian Volkoff is going to sell the Norseman to the highest bidder, their only unrecognizable agent is Morgan. Casey is against it, but I won’t spoil it for you. I’ve said enough. You’ll enjoy seeing Morgan on his first “solo” mission.

This was a great follow up to last week’s final stinger about Agent X. Vivian finds out the truth. Not only about Agent X, but who is responsible for making him that way. You think she’s happy about the Bartowski’s now? Hell hath no fury like a Woman’s scorn – and scorn she does. Chuck’s friends/relatives are in mortal danger.

Overall thoughts – Classic Chuck. It’s got the danger, story, some geek humor (several Star Wars references that Sarah just doesn’t get.) FWIW, I still love looking around Chuck’s room during those scenes to see what I can spot. Note the Perl Programming book slightly obscured in the headboard of the bed, and of course, the ComicCon mug. Maybe I should send them a Technorama mug as a prop! Hey, Zachary Levi might be listening!

Rating: 9.5/10

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