Review: Doctor Who – The Curse of the Black Spot

Our intrepid traveling trio find themselves stranded aboard a pirate ship which itself is stranded in the doldrums. To make things worse, anyone who is injured with the least scratch is visited by a sexy, but deadly Siren (Lily Cole). The victim becomes entranced by her song which has to be the same vocalist that’s been hanging around for the past several seasons doing bits when the Doctor is really sad (e.g. when Rose was trapped on the other side.) The bad news – Rory gets injured while Amy tries to save him and the Doctor.

The Doctor formulates a theory that she uses the water as a portal – so they try staying away from water. That’s not quite right. The Doctor turns out to be more wrong than right in this show right up until the end.

During the show, we get another glimpse of the lady with the eye-patch that Amy encountered in the orphanage last week while they were tracking down the little girl. Is this our “crack in the wall” or “bad wolf” reference that takes us through the season? Amy is just about to tell the Doctor, but he interrupts and says he feels someone watching. It makes me stroke my (fictitious) beard and think “hmmmm”. There’s also another possible hook left hanging at the end. I won’t spoil it, but the final pirate scene could come back in a future show if the writers wanted to. And in the final scene with the Doctor we find him looking over the positive/negative pregnancy test again. I’m still going with a “Time Lord” baby that cannot be detected. Perhaps that has something to do with the eye-patch lady…. (stroking beard again.)

An overall interesting story about this Siren picking off people one by one. The way the Doctor kept formulating theories and getting them wrong kept the show from being predictable. A little perplexing how the TARDIS became one of the victims. How was it “injured” and taken by the Siren? For some reason, nothing really seemed to grab me in this show. Good, not overly great.

Rating: 7/10

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