Review: Bones – The Pinocchio in the Planter

A (teenage) peeping tom discovers a body in the flower bed outside the girls locker room.

After the opening scene, Sweets is having lunch with Angela who gets a call from Hodgins at the crime scene. She tells sweets he’s being a little overbearing and sends him to voice mail. He picks up on this an is a bit put-off.

The victim, Dixon, is in advertising. Booth and Sweets go to his house looking for clues. Wendel determines that Dixon, the victim, had his face broken several times in the past… and one of them was caught on film.

Wendel also gets refused for a bartender job and Dr. B tells him that Cam might have some extra hours for him. Cam tells Wendel that she’s going to divide the hours equally among the interns. He tries to push the issue to give him all the hours, but it doesn’t appear to be working (at first).

My favorite scenes:

  • The car ride with Sweets in the back and the discussion about telling the truth. Nice plug for the Prius too!
  • Booth at the “Telling the Truth” group. And yes, there’s a clown – I’m not going to spoil that scene, but remember – Booth has a clown-phobia. 😉

The rest of the lab gets in to the truth thing and it leads to some comedic moments and a tender one between Hodgins and Angela regarding their baby. The honesty also ends up helping Wendel, but at what cost?

Good story/mystery. Good character interaction. Good writing. Nothing exceptional, but overall very good.

Rating: 8.0/10

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