Review: South Park – HumanCentipad

Last night’s South Park reminds me just how funny and disturbing that show can be. One thing is for sure, I’ll always remember to read the license agreement on every install/upgrade from now on, no matter how long it is – lest I end up like poor Kyle. (shudder)

The show pokes fun at Apple on a number of different issues, not least of which is the timely secret observance of location of everyone (see picture at left noting where everyone in the world is right now.) This show had to have been made before the iPhone debacle  broke a week ago. Nice timing SP! If you’ve ever been to an Apple store, then you likely got a laugh out of the Genius sequence. They nailed them – right now to the energy beams shooting out of their mouth.

While there were funny parts, I found the whole three-people-sewn-together (HumanCentipad) thing quite disturbing. Maybe I’m showing my age, but that was just over the top. Perhaps that’s why I prefer Futurama and rarely watch SP. Futurama pokes fun, but don’t get gross (well, not AS gross anyway.)

Rating: 5/10

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  1. Richard says:

    I actually think this episode was spot on. If you saw the promos from the movie human centipede last year and combine that with Apple it was excellent. The thing about South Park is it doesn’t just cross the line. it obliterates it. I love futurama but episodes like this will be remembered for years come.

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