Episode 633: What’s your Boggle?

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  • QOTW: The last thing you Googled is what kills you. So, how do you die?

On This Day In History for March 17, 2021

This is the 76th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 289 days remaining in 2021.

  • It was on this date in 1852, that Annibale De Gasparis discovered in Naples the asteroid Psyche from the north dome of the Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte
  • Also today in 1941, In Washington, D.C., the National Gallery of Art was officially opened by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • On March 17, 1947, First flight of the B-45 Tornado strategic bomber.
  • Also today in 1950, Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley announced the creation of element 98, which they name “californium”.
  • Also on March 17, 1958, The United States launched the first solar-powered satellite, which is also the first satellite to achieve a long-term orbit.
  • On March 17, 1966, Off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean, the DSV Alvin submarine found a missing American hydrogen bomb

Happy birthday goes out on this date to:

  • German engineer and businessman, co-founded Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, Gottlieb Daimler, born on this date in 1834.
  • Charles F. Brush, the American businessman and philanthropist, co-invented the Arc lamp was born 172 years ago today.
  • Born March 17, 1919, American singer, pianist, and television host Nat King Cole.
  • James Irwin, American colonel, pilot, and astronaut was born on that same date in 1930.
  • English-American chemist and toxicologist, David Peakall was born 90 years ago today.
  • American admiral, pilot, and astronaut, Ken Mattingly is 85 today.
  • Also born on that same date in 1939,  English sailor and first person to perform a single-handed non-stop circumnavigation of the globe, Robin Knox-Johnston.
  • American actor, director, and producer, Patrick Duffy is 72 today.
  • American actor, director, and bass player, Gary Sinise, born on this date in 1955.
  • Also born on that same date in 1964,  American actor and producer, Rob Lowe.

Listener Birthdays

  • 18 – Gregory Lemon @ GregoryLemon.com
  • 19 – JT Shea of The Gigcast and JT Ukes at 40
  • 19 – Michael R. Mennenga
  • 21 – Krazy Joe Fiore, MegaPodTasticand Honey, You’ve *GOT* to See This!
  • 23 – Steve Riekeberg a.k.a. MissingIntellect of Geek Cred
  • 23 – Richard Parkman

And that’s the way it was, on this day in history for March 17, 2021

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