Technorama Network Ep 449




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  • Krazy Joe
    • Star Wars Ep 7
  • Zhadum
    • BTTF on BT?
    • Hack a road sign
    • Saved up for…
    • What tech would you like to have?
    • Toughest concept to wrap your head around


  • Star Wars Holiday Special:

Mad Marv: Argh, I want my money back from that show. If they had kept some of Dayton’s commercials in the video that might have been entertaining but I fell asleep half way in and woke up to Bea Arthur singing. And the weirdest thing is that the Youtube rating on the video is 90% positive. Now I’m just waiting for Lumpy to make an appearance in Episode 7. Marv

  • Ben on Wedding Cakes

 I just thought I would let you know the wedding cake thing isn’t hazing. We froze ours and pulled it out for our first anniversary, and it was awesome. I wouldn’t trust it for 60 years, but it made it a single year just fine. I suppose it could depend on the cake and how you freeze it. I was skeptical, but it worked for us.


  • Q: What was the greatest piece of tech that failed?
    • Myron: Apple Newton
      • Tim’s reply: Q: How many Newtons does it take to screw in a light bulb?
      • A: Fouf. There in mix angles, Amy thin ground soap.
    • Scott: The Clapper
    • Marti: The bead-dazzler
    • Jack: The Sega Dreamcast (it was MMO on dialup)
    • Marti/Gary: Betamax
    • Shaun: Linux
    • Rob: The mini-disc player
    • Dean: The Microsoft Surface (the big a$$ table version)

Question of the week: What was the most challenging tech of your life?

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