9 years and counting

What is 9 years in podcasting terms? Is it like a 7:1 ratio that dogs9 year anniversary cake deal with? Or perhaps it feels like the time it takes to travel the distance light covers in a second? Or maybe even the lifespan of a holiday Fruit cake? Either way, we are here.

Technorama has been a fun adventure. This show has afforded Chuck and I the chance to talk to people we wouldn’t normally talk to, and go to a few places we might not have gone to. We have met a lot of really great people that tune into the podcast and listen to us regularly, even some that ask “are we doing a show tonight” when we forget to let everyone know. There are even a few that have gone out of their way to meet us.

Needless to say, that Technorama has been and continues to be a lot of fun. I believe I can speak for Chuck when I say thank you to everyone that has been part of this show, listeners and participants alike. As I have always said, a podcast without listeners is just half a show. So, if you keep tuning in, we will keep podcasting.

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  1. Mike Wills says:

    Thanks guys for the years of entertainment!

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