Review: Bones – The Hole In The Heart (spoilers)

Last night one of the show’s familiar characters bids farewell when they are shot by Booth’s former sniper buddy Jacob Broadsky. Yeah, he’s still out there fighting crime in his special way. So why was one of the Bones team taken out? Ooooo…

At the top of the show, Broadsky kills (what appears to be) a young protoge and the team has no idea why. When Broadsky stops at his wife’s grave, another Special Agent Genny Shaw reports the sighting to Booth. Booth shows up and finds that Broadsky not only left flowers, but a cell phone. When it rings, Broadsky tells Booth that he’s never going to see the bullet with his name on it. Game on!

Later, Booth, Bones, and Mr. Vincent Nigel Murray are in the lab investigating the younger gunman’s remains to determine how he died. Everything is in his wallet except one card. Can Hodgins figure out what the card was and did it leave any clues that might lead them to Broadsky?

The phone Broadsky left behind rings and Booth hands it to intern Mr. Vincent Nigel Murray so Booth can run a trace on it using an app that Angela gave him earlier. From far away, Broadsky has a bead on the Jeffersonian lab from a construction crane and he’s brought along an infrared camera/scope to help see people more clearly. He fires a shot and hits Mr. Vincent Nigel Murray in the chest, piercing his heart and he dies moments later uttering the words “Don’t make me leave.” Bones assures him that he can stay, but he fades in seconds.

The whole team is shocked and angry. Booth tells them to take some time to process it and they’ll start fresh in the morning (that’s time?) Booth tells Bones that she’s staying at his place tonight to keep safe. They figure if anyone is on Booth’s side, they’re next. Booth offers to sleep on the couch, but Bones makes some logical excuse and Booth gets his own bed. In the middle of the night, Bones walks in to Booth’s room where he wakes quickly and pulls a gun (but doesn’t fire.) She is troubled over Murray’s last words about “don’t make me leave”. She thinks he was talking about her, but Booth assures her that he was talking to God (or the Universe when Bones says he was an atheist.)

She lays down and cries in his arms and… The next day in the lab Brennan tells Angela that she slept with Booth. Is she being literal (slept with) or did they actually “seal the deal”? Angela wants to shout for joy, but us still troubled by Vincent’s recent death. When Hodgins walks in with news on the case, she yells at him to go away and tell Cam whatever it is so she can get more dope from Bones, but we don’t find out any more on that story. (My vote is that she just fell asleep. Only the writers know the real story at this point.)

I won’t spoil any more save a few key points about the acting… Everyone had to get their “grief face” on for this one and they did a great job. I also love the fact that Vincent’s death scene caused Bones and Booth to talk about God and the afterlife a little more. It re-assured us that Booth is a rock for Bones even though she can (usually) separate herself from emotions with logic. Sounds like a Vulcan we all know and love. Hmmmm… Bones/Star Trek?

This show explored some exciting and powerful emotions and the actors did a first rate job. There were only a few key points in the story that I thought needed a little help. One, why did Broadsky need an access card to the ship yard if the guy at the gate said he’s seen him here before working on one of the boats? Why was Broadsky, a trained sniper, trying to stand out like a sore thumb in the shipping yard on top of the truck trailers which made for great camouflage? And since when can one user send another user an app such as the one Angela sent Booth to track Broadsky’s call? Does she have her own app store? If so, I want one.

I’m no arms expert, but it looks like there was some level of consulting for how the actors handled the weapons (or they have prior experience). The way they moved around the containers and stayed ready to shoot was good, although some of the mistakes by Broadsky were a little obvious (sticking his gun out to give away position.) Perhaps some real servicemen/women can chime in on what they saw. It looked good to me (save a few hokey spots.)

Overall, great show. One of my favorites. Sorry they lost one of their interns. He was a nice addition – especially the confessions he gave up a few weeks ago. šŸ˜‰

Rating: 9.5/10

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