Review: Fringe – The Day We Died

The Fringe producers never cease to amaze me. Don’t you just love what they did to Broyles in this picture? Wait until you see some of the others! No spoilers, I promise.

From last week – Peter ends up 15 years in the future. C’mon, you know they’re not going to leave the show on that time line indefinitely – OK, it worked on Eureka.

Every commercial break on this one was a WTF moment – although I found the overall story a bit predictable from the ending of last week’s show where Peter lands in a post-apocalyptic New York. Some of the details in between were nice smacks upside the head, but the makeup department forgot to age most of the characters 15 years, apart from Walternate’s white hair and Olivia’s neice (rrrrraaarrrr).

The basic premise of the story (without ruining it) is: When Peter jumped in to the machine in 2011, it set up a chain of events that destroys the other universe and in doing so, starts to tear ours apart. That’s when things really get bad – at least for us. Walter is locked up (for reasons I won’t share here) and Peter needs to convince Broyles to let him go so he can assist with decoding some evidence they found at one of the fringe events.

So what else can I tell you without giving away some of the awesome surprises. Cars and phones don’t look too different in 15 years. I was hoping that Walter would have made them fly, but I suppose with all the efforts going to stop holes in the fabric of space/time, we didn’t have much time or money to live like the Jetsons. Unless, there’s some crazy way that we can fix all this… You’ll just have to watch and find out and then you’ll be curled up in a fetal position on the floor like me until the fall.

Rating: 9/10

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