Review: Bones – The Signs in the Silence

A deaf mute girl is found covered in blood wielding a large knife. Dr. Brennan is perplexed that her skills are needed on this case because they have no victim and the girl is “still alive”. All signs point to the fact that she’s killed someone, but the team has their work cut out because she’s terrified and uncooperative.

No spoilers, but be sure to have the tissues ready at the end! See if you can hold it together past “the bunny” – I didn’t.

Dr. Brennan starts out as her usual dispassionate self – trying only to get the facts as quickly as possible until Sweets reminds her how frightened she was when she was in the foster care system as a child. Slowly the story unwraps and they determine where she is from among other things. To add to the story, she’s not just afraid of the Jeffersonian team; her parents aren’t what they seem either.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Caroline Julian makes another “charming” appearance. Her comments to Booth as he puts together pieces are always enjoyed.

We’re also given some tender insight to Brennan’s past as she starts to relate to this girl, thus opening up the communications and solving the mystery of what happened. On a lower note, Booth looses it in the interrogation room and regrets it, giving thoughts about how he was treated by his father and that he wants to be better to Parker.

Sideline story – Angela is getting closer and Hodgins looses his cool and forgets his training at the onset of false labor. It made for some good laughs (particularly if you’re a parent.)

The writers really left the playbook on the table this time – and did a spectacular job with this show. This show was a bit darker than most, which is rather difficult when you’re dealing with a show about death/murder every week. McKenzie Applegate does a great acting job as the mysterious Jane Doe throughout the show. The story was quite a bit different than most as it centered around the girl and we’re left to the end of the show to find out until the end what happened to the victim and why. Normally those facts are brought out pretty early. It had me scratching my head a few times, but I found the change of pace refreshing.

Rating: 10/10

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  1. Naomi says:

    I loved this episode. AMAZING! So different then a regular bones. I love Bones, it’s my favorite show but this one was. . . so. . . it was life changing. It really was. I’m so excited for Angela and Jack (it seems more appropriate since they are both Hodgins’) baby. I mean that is going to be the cutest thing ever. I wonder if it will have LCA and the gender!! HOORAY FOR BONES. This episode was definitely a home run.

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