Review: Fringe – 6:02 AM EST

Secretary Bishop on the Other Side activates his Machine, triggering devastation on This Side. Peter realizes he has no choice but to enter the Machine and try and break the circuit. Meanwhile, Bolivia resolves to save both worlds by trying to bring Peter back to convince the Secretary to stop the Machine.

Rating: 10/10

Once again this show hits the mark with the acting and story line that throws the viewer for a loop. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend waiting to mainline the last three episodes. This is “to be continued” (not in the usual Fringe way.) You must DVR the shows! For some reason, my DVR lost the scheduled program and I missed the first minute or so. Hello Hulu!

The actors who play dual parts on both sides (John Noble – Walter/Walternate and Anna Torv – Olivia/Bolivia) do an excellent job at keeping the characters separate. My favorite scene this week: Walter in the hospital’s chapel. Well played Mr. Noble!

We’re also seeing some great performances out of Blair Brown (Nina Sharp) as she grapples with revealing the knowledge of  Sam Weiss (played by Kevin Corrigan), the bowling alley guy, who knows something about the machine, but she wan’t supposed to tell.

Of course, we all know the world doesn’t come to an end – there’s a fourth season on the way!

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