Review: Doctor Who – The Impossible Astronaut

(Spoiler free) Rory and Amy get an anonymous blue letter with a date, time, and location. Since it’s “tardis blue”, it could only be from one person. They go to the location (seemingly monument valley Utah) to find the Doctor. They are soon joined by Dr. Song. No spoilers this time around. I’ll only say that something terribly profound and unexpected happens. Oh, and we meet a new character “Canton Everett Delware III”.

Kudos to the casting crew to find William Morgan Sheppard to play the older Canton, while his son (and familiar face to sci-fi fans) Mark Sheppard covers the role of younger Canton! BRILLIANT! You might recognize W. Sheppard as the Klingon prison guard on Rura Penthe (remember the soap box speech before Bones and McCoy enter?) He was also Dr. Ira Graves on ST:TNG, and on the Vulcan high council in the latest Star Trek Movie. M. Sheppard has been on BSG, Warehouse 13, Chuck, Leverage, Dollhouse, and many other shows and movies.

The group finds themselves whisking back to 1969 where they investigate some strange phone calls being made to then President Nixon. Were there aliens in this episode? I don’t recall now that it’s over. 😉 If I explained the title, it would give away too much information and potential spoiler so I’m leaving that alone. You’ll just have to watch.

Dr. Song makes a comment she made earlier (last season I think it was) about how she and the Doctor are going in different directions on their time lines. She met the Doctor and he was much older and knew everything about her and as she gets older he knows less and less. She’s afraid that one day she’ll meet him and he won’t know who she is, and perhaps it will kill her. HELLO! Didn’t that already happen in the library? He didn’t know who she was. And in this episode he says “And who are you?” Writers? Is all this timey-wimey stuff getting to be too much for you?

Season 6 has got my attention. This show started out with a lot of fun, some dark stuff, aliens (or were there), and historical figures. What more can the Doctor bring you? Don’t forget, this is part 1 of 2 (next one is called “Day of the Moon”.) Can’t wait! Thank you BBC for playing these in the US and UK at the same time. The commercial breaks were still a bit annoying (not in the right place), but that’s American TV for you.

Rating: 9.5/10

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