2010 Ig Nobels

Ig Nobel faces

Ah, it’s the Ig Nobel awards season again. It’s like Christmas in a geeky way. They give presents to people for the most bizarre research and inventions of each year. The Ig Nobel awards bestow a kind of recognition that raises the laureates above their peers, but not in the conventional way.

The winners of the 2010 Ig Nobel prizes were announced yesterday. Notable winners include:

  1. The Engineering Ig Nobel prize winner who perfected a way to collect whale snot by using a remote controlled helicopter;
  2. The Ig Nobel Peace prize which went to a study which confirmed that swearing does indeed relieve pain
  3. The Ig Nobel Management prize for demonstrating mathematically that organizations would become more efficient if they promoted people at random. (Chuck, could you cc: @mahorstman and then duck and cover?).


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