Interview: Dr. Robert Ballard

Dr. Robert Ballard is best known for his discovery of the wreck of the RMS Titanic. However, this is only one of his 121 expeditions including the discovery of deep sea thermal vents, the wreck of the German battleship Bismarck, and John F. Kennedy’s patrol boat PT-109. Technorama, a show that normally takes a light hearted look at tech, science, sci-fi, and all things geek, brings you another in its series of specials and interviews.

The podcast was fortunate to catch the busy Dr. Ballard for an interview immediately following his latest trip to the Black Sea. Join host Chuck Tomasi for a fascinating discussion with Dr. Robert Ballard about the Black Sea trip, Internet 2, autonomous underwater vehicles, history, and more. Feed your inner geek with Technorama!


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0 Responses to Interview: Dr. Robert Ballard

  1. Tori says:

    This was a fantastic interview of Robert Ballard. It was very informing.

  2. Zachary says:

    Dr. Robert Ballard is so cool

  3. Abby says:

    This is really interesting
    i didnt know all that

  4. Hanna says:

    That was very informative and I realy thought it was great!!!!!!!!! Robert Ballard sounds very intresting.

  5. cody wintermute says:

    Thx Dr. Ballard for being on the show. Im 12 and i learned a whole bunch about your work and expeditions. I hope your work continues with great success.

  6. Trevor Moses says:

    This was very interesting its amazing that you found the titanic I would have loved to go with but i wasn’t alive

  7. Jackson says:

    I can’t belive the tecnology today we are so lucky. Hope you find that ship in the Black Sea. This is a wonderful find for you and a great expierence also. My favorite was the “unsinkabull ship” the titantic I read a lot about so when you found it I was amazed. Like you said the tecno is amazing. Hope you have even more luck.

  8. A CAMERON says:

    imagine the black sea underwater city
    i am excited because it has poss links to noahs ark and if that story is found to be true then it vindicates the word of GOD

  9. Chuck says:

    A Cameron,

    Regardless of the outcome, true believers don’t need physical evidence.