Vader / Death Star Transformer

Darth Vader Brings The Force to the World of Transformers via Digg

What if Vader was the size of Unicron?

Geek Wedding Cakes via Digg

Geeky, but much more interesting than those outrageous $8000 designer wedding cakes on TV wedding infomercials planner shows.

‘The Device’ – All-In-One Beer Making Machine via listener Franois Pominville

Just add the right ingredients, press the right buttons, twist the right valves and after two weeks you’ll have gallons of the amber nectar.


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0 Responses to Vader / Death Star Transformer

  1. Bookaroo says:

    Hey guys, it seems that the c did not make it in the post, french characters do not seems to be supported, the “c” with the small thing (Called “c

  2. Chuck says:

    I told Kreg it wasn’t “FRANK-OYZ” 🙂