Episode 702: They shot down the Technorama blimp!

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  • QOTW: If you could go back in time and witness a historic event, which would you choose?

If I could go back in time I’d go to the 1930s Honolulu.  Basically my hometown around the time my grandparents were born.  I remember a few stories from them about how the city was back then and I’d like to see what Honolulu was like before it built up.

On This Day In History for February 15, 2023

This is the 46th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 319 days remaining in 2023.

  • It was on this date in 1493, that While on board the Niña, Christopher Columbus wrote an open letter (widely distributed upon his return to Portugal) describing his discoveries and the unexpected items he came across in the New World.
  • It was 153 years ago today, that Stevens Institute of Technology was founded in New Jersey, US, and offered the first Bachelor of Engineering degree in mechanical engineering.
  • Also on February 15, 1923, Greece became the last European country to adopt the Gregorian calendar
  • That same date in 1946, ENIAC, the first electronic general-purpose computer, was formally dedicated at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia
  • Gerald Lankester Harding and Roland de Vaux began excavations at Cave 1 of the Qumran Caves, where they would eventually discover the first seven Dead Sea Scrolls on this date in 1949
  • That same date in 1971, The decimalisation of the currencies of the United Kingdom and Ireland was completed on Decimal Day.
  • It was 51 years ago today, that Sound recordings were granted U.S. federal copyright protection for the first time
  • Also today in 2001, The first draft of the complete human genome was published in Nature
  • It was also this date in 2013 that A meteor exploded over Russia, injuring 1,500 people as a shock wave blows out windows and rocks buildings. This happened unexpectedly only hours before the expected closest ever approach of the larger and unrelated asteroid 2012 DA14

Happy birthday goes out on this date to:

  • Italian astronomer, physicist, and mathematician, Galileo Galilei, born on this date in 1564.
  • American journalist and businessman, co-founded International Harvester, Cyrus McCormick was born 214 years ago today.
  • Born February 15, 1812, American businessman, founded Tiffany & Co. Charles Lewis Tiffany.
  • Irish mathematician, academic and activist, Sophie Bryant was born 173 years ago today.
  • Spiru Haret, Romanian mathematician, astronomer, and politician, 55th Romanian Minister of Internal Affairs was born on that same date in 1851.
  • Born February 15, 1861, English mathematician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead.
  • Charles Édouard Guillaume, Swiss-French physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate was born on that same date in 1861.
  • German-Swedish biochemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate, Hans von Euler-Chelpin, born on this date in 1873.
  • American actor and comedian, Harvey Korman was born 96 years ago today.
  • Also turning 89 today is Swiss computer scientist, created the Pascal programming language Niklaus Wirth.
  • American animator, producer, and screenwriter, Matt Groening, born on this date in 1954.
  • Also turning 59 today is American engineer and astronaut Leland D. Melvin.
  • American comedian and actor, Chris Farley, born on this date in 1964.

Listener Birthdays Feb 15-21

  • 15 – Philip from Australia
  • 17 – Bob Trate of MegaPodTastic and Action Figure Junkies
  • 18 – Hot John Miller of MegaPodTastic
  • 18 – Ray Insalaco – Central Village, CT
  • 19 – Scooter in Connecticut
  • 19 – Steve in Sumter
  • 19 – Steve Cody (Columbia, SC)

And that’s the way it was, on this day in history for February 15, 2023

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