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  • Charles Stell

Hi Chuck,  My suggestion for your domicile is “The Faraday Cage.”

Still listening out in the Piney Woods,
Charles Stell

  • John Miller Jr.

I wanted to get an origin story on the “Letters, We Get Letters” song that you guys use.  Hopefully, you’ll get this letter, play the jingle, read this letter, and accept that all of this was done for the sake of getting you to play that jingle.  #ilikethatjingle
Your loyal fan,

John Miller Jr.


On This Day In History for April 25, 2018

This is the 115th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 250 days remaining in 2018.

  • It was on this date in 1792, that Highwayman Nicolas J. Pelletier becomes the first person executed by guillotine.
  • On April 25, 1792, “La Marseillaise” (the French national anthem) is composed by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle.
  • Also today in 1859, British and French engineers break ground for the Suez Canal.
  • On April 25, 1901, New York becomes the first U.S. state to require automobile license plates.
  • Also today in 1944, The United Negro College Fund is incorporated.
  • April 25, 1945, Founding negotiations for the United Nations begin in San Francisco as part of the United Nations Conference on International Organization.
  • Also today in 1953, Francis Crick and James Watson publish “Molecular Structure of Nucleic Acids: A Structure for Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid” describing the double helix structure of DNA.
  • Also on April 25, 1954, The first practical solar cell is publicly demonstrated by Bell Telephone Laboratories.
  • April 25, 1959, The Saint Lawrence Seaway, linking the North American Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean, officially opens to shipping.
  • Also today in 1960, The United States Navy submarine USS Triton completes the first submerged circumnavigation of the globe.
  • Also on April 25, 1983, Pioneer 10 travels beyond Pluto’s orbit.

Happy birthday goes out on this date to:

  • Scottish astronomer and author, James Ferguson, born on this date in 1710.
  • Felix Klein, the German mathematician and academic was born 169 years ago today.
  • American engineer and inventor, Charles Sumner Tainter was born 164 years ago today.
  • John Moisant, American pilot and engineer was born on that same date in 1868.
  • Italian businessman and inventor, developed Marconi’s law, Nobel Prize laureate, Guglielmo Marconi, born on this date in 1874.
  • Born April 25, 1903, Russian mathematician and academic Andrey Kolmogorov.
  • William Pereira, the American architect, designed the Transamerica Pyramid was born 109 years ago today.
  • American singer, Ella Fitzgerald, born on this date in 1917.
  • Born April 25, 1918, French-American astronomer and academic Gérard de Vaucouleurs.
  • Also turning 95 today is English astronomer and academic Francis Graham-Smith.
  • Russian mathematician and physicist, Felix Berezin was born 87 years ago today.
  • Also born on that same date in 1932,  Russian astrophysicist, Nikolai Kardashev.
  • Roger Boisjoly, the American aerodynamicist and engineer was born 80 years ago today.
  • Also turning 78 today is American actor and director Al Pacino.
  • American actor, voice artist, comedian and producer, Hank Azaria, born on this date in 1964.
  • American puppeteer and voice actor, John Henson was born 53 years ago today.

Listener Birthdays

  • 29 – Shepherd Thom from outside of the known universe
  • 29 – Timothy Karre
  • 30 – Julio Diaz (JulioTijuana)
  • If you want to get on the Technorama Birthday Calendar, visit our Wiki.

And that’s the way it was, on this day in history for April 25, 2018


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