Technorama Ep 471 : Game of Drones

Coming up in this episode…BoatReynolds

  • Internet names a Vessel
  • Netflix recommendations
  • Someone has moved in next door

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  • Q of the week: If you were stuck on a deserted island with one of the Gilligan’s Island castaways, which would you choose (and why)?

On This Day In History for April 20, 2016
This is the 111th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 255 days remaining in 2016.

  • It was on this date in 1534 that Jacques Cartier begins the voyage during which he discovers Canada and Labrador.
  • Also today in 1535, The sun dog phenomenon observed over Stockholm and depicted in the famous painting Vädersolstavlan.
  • April 20, 1836, U.S. Congress passes an act creating the Wisconsin Territory
  • Louis Pasteur and Claude Bernard complete the experiment falsifying the theory of spontaneous generation on this date in 1862
  • It was 151 years ago today that Astronomer Angelo Secchi demonstrates the Secchi disk, which measures water clarity, aboard Pope Pius IX’s yacht, the L’Immacolata Concezione.
  • April 20, 1902, Pierre and Marie Curie refine radium chloride.
  • It was 98 years ago today that Manfred von Richthofen, a.k.a. The Red Baron, shoots down his 79th and 80th victims, his final victories before his death the following day.
  • Western Electric and Warner Bros. announce Vitaphone, a process to add sound to film 90 years ago today.
  • 44 years ago today, Apollo 16, commanded by John Young, lands on the moon.
  • It was 6 years ago today that The Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explodes in the Gulf of Mexico, killing eleven workers and beginning an oil spill that would last six months.

Happy birthday goes out on this date to:

  • American scientist and academic Eli Whitney Blake, Jr. born on this date in 1836
  • Also born on this day in 1889 Adolf Hitler, no title necessary
  • Swedish physicist Kai Siegbahn was born April 20 1918
  • The founder of the Eternal Word Television Network, Mother Angelica is 93 today
  • Drummer Tito Puente was born today in 1923
  • K. Alex Müller, the Swiss physicist and Nobel Prize laureate is 89
  • happy birthday to English astronomer Gerald S. Hawkins, born today in 1928
  • Mr. Sulu, George Takei is 79
  • Actress Jessica Lange turns 67
  • Singer-songwriter and producer Luther Vandross would have been 65
  • Donalt Pettit, engineer and astronaut, is 61
  • Clint Howard the actor from Gentle Ben and Balok from Star Trek (TOS) is now 57
  • George McFly, actor Crispin Glover is 52 today
  • Sharing the same birthday, actor and director Andy Serkis is also 52
  • The co-founder of Yahoo! David Filo is 50.
  • and don’t forget this is 4/20 – International cannabis culture holiday

And that’s the way it was, on this day in history for April 20, 2016

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  • 21 – Kim and Kreg’s Anniversary
  • 23 – Runtime
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This week’s topic: Expanding on our topic of required computer skills in schools
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Question of the week:

  • If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take one book…

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