Technorama Ep 373: Forehead VCR

Coming up in this episode…

  • Insert film cartridge
  • Advance to first frame
  • Click shutter to take blurry picture of your feet

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Introducing the team…

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  • April 14 – Danny Harnish
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  • April 19 – Amanda (SusietheGeek’s daughter & Geek in Training)
  • April 23 – Runtime
  • April 29 – Shepherd Thom from outside of the known universe
  • April 30 – Julio Diaz (JulioTijuana)
  • May 03 – Keao Wright
  • May 03 – Leon
  • May 05 – Joe Mieczkowski host of Onthepodcast
  • May 06 – Amber Pace (not really a listener, but a mother and a wife of listeners)
  • May 06 – Bill Barbour
  • May 06 – Steve Bickle
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On This Day In History for April 10, 2013

This is the 100th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (101 for leap years). There are 265 days remaining in 2013.

  • It was on this date in 837 that Halley’s Comet and Earth experienced their closest approach to one another when their separating distance equalled 0.0342 AU (3.2 million miles).
  • Today in 1815 – The Mount Tambora volcano begins a three-month-long eruption, lasting until July 15. The eruption ultimately kills 71,000 people and affects Earth’s climate for the next two years.
  • 197 years ago, the United States Government approves the creation of the Second Bank of the United States.
  • The first Arbor Day is celebrated in Nebraska April 10, 1874.
  • The Titanic leaves port in Southampton, England for her first and only voyage 101 years ago
  • Today in 1916, the Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA) is created in New York City.
  • The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is first published in New York City, by Charles Scribner’s Sons. on this date in 1925.
  • Exactly 60 years ago today – Warner Brothers premieres the first 3-D film from a major American studio, entitled House of Wax.
  • and sadly, 50 years ago today 129 American sailors die when the submarine USS Thresher sinks at sea.

If this is your birthday, then you share it with the likes of:

  • English clockmaker and scientist John Whitehurst, born on this date in 1713
  • also born today in 1762 – Italian physicist Giovanni Aldini
  • One of my favorite actors Harry Morgan, would have been 98 today
  • actor Omar Sharif turns 81 today
  • and finally tough man, and (ahem) actor, Steven Seagal turns 61

And that’s the way it was, on this day in history for April 10, 2013


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