Home Hack: Cheap Whiteboard Erasers

Working from home means I sometimes have to things most office workers take for granted. Here’s one of my recent favorites… used dryer sheets make great whiteboard erasers. FYI – they only work if you use a dry erase (whiteboard) marker!

OK, I don’t really have a whiteboard, I use  the windows on the sliding doors of our sunroom. (There’s a LOT of window space and it somehow makes me feel more like a scientist!) When I first started drawing on the windows, I used tissues to erase tasks, diagrams, etc., but noticed it left behind a lot of dust. One day I spotted a used dryer sheet in the waste basket, pulled it out and tried it. The fibers on that thing were amazingly effective. What’s more, I can use a sheet several times before it’s all full of red marker dust. Since our family of four does quite a bit of laundry, I’ve got a never ending supply of “erasers”. In a strange way, I feel I’m recycling by using something one more time that would otherwise considered as garbage.

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