Special: HeroesCon 2011

In this Special Episode, Richard Green and I hang out at HeroesCon and talk to some very cool people. HeroesCon is a con focused not only comics, but artists also and that is what makes this show fun. Not only that I got the chance to meet Richard’s brother and try and find out what makes this geek tick!

Visit HeroesOnline and read more about HeroesCon and join us in Charlotte, NC next year!

Be sure to view complete show notes for links to everyone interviewed.
Click here to see some pictures of us Podcasting at the con!

Artists and other people interviewed at the show (in no particular order).

Richard Green

Thomas Zahler

Stephanie Buscema

Andy Runton

Mike Norton

Talon Dunning

Shawn Padraic Murphy

John Bintz

Terry Huddleston

Elaine Corvidae

Jesse Rubenfeld

Echo Chernik

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