Review: Sucker Punch

So coming out of the movie, I ran into a twitter friend of mine, @iamwhite. He summed up the movie this way:

#Suckerpunch is a terrible, beautiful movie. The story is basically an excuse to string together as much awesome as humanly possible! 😛

This is very true, and yet not quite right. I think Hollywood finally did what the fans always wished for. They took the trailers of a bunch of awesome action flicks and put them into a single movie. It felt more like a video game where you play a level, watch a cut scene for bit, then play another level, watch another cut scene, etc. There is a logic plot to it all that strings the story together around the action, but it’s the proverbial fig leaf of a plot. If you go into this movie expecting nothing more than “300” style action, you won’t be disappointed.

On the other hand, another friend of mine, @iblala had even less to say:

Sucker punch = meh

@madmarv its a horrid mash up of movies… Smh

Which I can understand. And, if I saw this movie at the end of the summer movie season, I would probably agree. As it is, I think this film is a fine popcorn flick. And, as an amateur photog, I think the costumes in this movie will be inspiring quite a few cosplayers at the upcoming conventions.


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  1. Chris says:

    Hey Marv!

    Seemed we had the same feelings for the movie. Very pretty, but pretty boring. Check out what I had to say myself:



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