Audio Tour – Blue Sky Green Field Wind Project

Join me as I take my Zoom H2 on its inaugural audio tour to WE Energies project in northeast Fond du Lac county in Wisconsin to see one of the massive Wind Generators up close.

Kreg also found this video of part of the project. If you listen closely, you can hear one of the wind generators nearby the cameraman (hint: listen for the sound of a jet plane going by every second or so.)

Special thanks to Barry McNaulty, and Pat Kiley from WE Energies and Michael Vickerman from Renew Wisconsin for their cooperation.

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0 Responses to Audio Tour – Blue Sky Green Field Wind Project

  1. Ed Blume says:

    Did you find video from WLUK of Barry McNaulty and Pat Kiley from WE Energies and Michael Vickerman? I can’t find any of the station’s Web site.

  2. Chuck says:


    I have not yet found any other video. I am hoping Barry or Michael might chime in and point us to something.

  3. Ed Blume says:

    I’m always puzzled by the video Kreg found and ones like it. As an audio geek, maybe you can clear up the mystery. You conducted part of the interview with Barry standing directly beneath the turbine and in the midst of several others; yet, I don’t hear the level of sound equal to the video Kreg found.

  4. Chuck says:


    Good question. Barry actually suggested I try recording the generator sound. In order to pick up Barry’s voice and not everything else in the county, I adjusted the gain on the Zoom H2. I did about 30 seconds of high gain recording to capture the turbine noise (away from the crowd, but still close enough to the generator), but it did not turn out quite as well as the video.