Rorschach's Sing-Along Journal – On The Rise

Yet another video I found through This one has got me scratching my head. I don’t recall anyone producing a motion comic of Watchmen. But, if you’ve read the book, you’ve got to watch this clip. Oh, and if you know where the source video came from, leave a comment. I’d like to see if they made the whole mini-series into a motion comic. The Youtube page didn’t link anywhere.

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0 Responses to Rorschach's Sing-Along Journal – On The Rise

  1. Selganor says:

    So far just episode 1 has released at iTunes (&1.99 for Ep. 1, $19.99 for the season pass)

  2. NorthNightwatchmanJR says:

    You can find the motion comic episode 1 on youtube.

    Part one:

    Part Two:

    Part Three: