Live from Podcast Expo 2006

Pardon the self endulgent nature of this particular podcast. This is not our standard format.

Listen to the Podcast 2006 show

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0 Responses to Live from Podcast Expo 2006

  1. Wow…I was pretty pissed about that beer, huh?

    Nicely done, guys! I had a blast recording with you all. (And who knew Karen’s real voice was so…deep!)

  2. Mark Sheppard says:

    The expo show was an absolute blast. Never laughed so hard in my life.

    I took the liberty of doctoring a number of photos from the expo (just like I did last year). So, for a little bit of fun check out these photos at:

  3. Karen from Kalifornia says:

    Gee, it was almost like coming home. If you lived in a brewery. And yes, my real voice will take some getting used to. Tomasi, my ass was sitting on your bunk, and that thought was enough to keep me warm and bouncy for a long time.