UN anti-podcasting treaty

URGENT: Podcasters act now to stop anti-podcasting UN treaty! via Boing Boing

The Broadcast Treaty is an attempt to force the world’s governments to give a new right to broadcasters, a right to control the use of works they don’t own. The Broadcast Right will allow broadcasters to stop you from copying or re-using the programs they transmit, even if those programs are in the public domain, Creative Commons licensed or composed of uncopyrightable facts.

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Future Be Warned: Keep Out! via Digg

The Department of Energy convened a conclave of scientists, linguists, anthropologists and sci-fi thinkers to develop an elaborate system intended to shout “Danger!” to any human being for the next 10,000 years — regardless of what language they speak or technology they use.

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Houdini’s Impossible Demonstration via Reddit

For a few years, magician Harry Houdini and British writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the Sherlock Holmes stories, were friends. One was an arch-skeptic (Houdini), while the other was a true believer in Spiritualism (Doyle).

Possibly hoping to show Doyle how easy it is to be fooled by mediums, Houdini once gave his friend an extraordinary demonstration, in his own home, in the presence of Bernard M.L. Ernst, Houdini’s friend and lawyer. Ernst’s memoirs reveal what happened that night.

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