Interview: Kevin Rose

Special Release: Chuck and Kreg talk to Kevin Rose about:

* His early days,
* G4-TechTV,
* – what’s under the hood, who’s making it go, how to get noticed
* The latest from Revision3

Listen to the Interview with Kevin Rose

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7 Responses to Interview: Kevin Rose

  1. Interesting Interview – just wished there could have been more discussion about whether the extreme popularity of Digg was predicted or a complete surprise.

    Also his specific opinions on Slashdot and Reddit would have been interesting

  2. Simran says:

    Really interesting interview with Kevin….

  3. Mike DeWolfe says:

    I thought it was seriously cool. I work for an organization that does a type of social network– page views and reviews factor into the prominence of the material– so Kevin Rose’s interview was very insightful.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Guy says:

    Great interview with kevin.

  5. bholt says:

    Big Fan of Kevin Rose and Revision3. I learned a lot how Digg works. Thanks for a terrific interview

  6. Julian says:

    kevin rose, smart guy.

  7. Julian says:

    cool story. amazing stuff!

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