The First Noel – DDOA 20181206

The First Noel

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Says the first angel of Noel
There are some bad forerunners
In her field;
Outdoors are sheep
Cold winter nights are so intense.

Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
Born to the King of Israel.

They looked and saw the stars.
The brightest in the east behind them.
And he gave the earth a great light.
And it is damaged both day and night.

And given the same star.
The three clever men come from far away;
The royal search was very ambitious.
And follow the star where it led you.

This star approached the north.
Let’s relax for a moment
And he stopped and walked away.
In the place where Jesus was sent.

Then he introduced the three wise men.
A very respectful trip.
Is about
Gold, death and incense.

So everything goes together
Praise our heavenly king;
He created heaven and earth
And I bought my wife with my blood.







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