Frosty the Snowman – DDOA 20181207

Frosty the Snowman

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Frost Snowman – happy and happy soul.
Four rooms consist of magnets and buttons and two eyes.

It is said that “Frosty Snow” is a story about my sermon.
She was frozen, but the children knew that she was alive.

They found the old members very difficult,

As they walked, they began to dance!

Ho Frost, snowy, can live
The children said that he could laugh and play,
You and I

Thamp Thamp, Thamp, Thampati Thamp, Thamp,
Go to snow

Thamp Thamp, Thamp, Thampati Thamp, Thamp,
Snow in the mountains

Frosty Snowman, knowing that the sun is warming up that day,
So he said: “Now we are happy.

Got to town
Produced here and across the country,
Tell me tell me

He led the police outside;

Stop when he hears the stop and stops!

Cold, snow, and soon outside,
But he let go, did not cry, I will be back for a few days.







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