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Chuck has been a true tech-head since childhood. With more than 35 years of experience in the computer field Chuck brings a broad knowledge of hardware and software to the table. Starting in the early 80’s with an Apple II and working on a wide variety of DOS, Windows, Unix, and Mac platforms, Chuck isn’t afraid to dive in and get the most out of whatever system he has access to. Chuck’s knowledge base isn’t confined to just computers. Sporting a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Chuck feels he provides a business advantage to work. By profession, he has been doing software development and IT Systems Administration for nearly 20 years. From networking  to a wide variety of programming languages and operating systems, Chuck covers a lot. “I don’t bring my work home with me, I bring my hobby to work and get paid for it.” has always been one of Chuck’s mantras. “Podcasting is a great avenue to reach out to people with similar interests all over the world and meet them on their schedule.”

Chuck discovered podcasts in November of 2004 and immediately knew this is what he wanted to do. Less than a month later ChuckChat was launched. As time went on and the show matured there came a division between the family and fun stuff and the true grit techie stuff. On May 1, 2005 the show split in to two distinct shows.

ChuckChat Freestyle is all about family, fun, news, and interviews. Take soundseeing tours, go skiing, take a cruise, join the family at an amusement park, interview other podcasters and more. Between events we discuss news of the day in an audio blog format.

Join Chuck and his co-host Kreg Steppe on ChuckChat Technorama as they discuss recent events and stories in the tech world. For an idea of what Chuck’s show is about, mix Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” with “Bill Nye The Science Guy”, and you’ll have an idea. It’s a twisted look at the news while making technical information fun to listen to. Chuck and Kreg see out the stories that others may have overlooked. You can get the stories about software releases and corporate mergers anywhere, but the ChuckChat team digs out the truely interesting stories that impact you and give their perspectives on it.


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