Episode 0 – Kick Off

This is our inaugural episode of Teach Yourself WordPress in 10 minutes..in 10 minutes podcast. Each episode is less than 10 minutes and we cover topics that didn’t make it into the book “Teach Yourself WordPress in 10 Minutes” and we will take a deeper look into topics that were presented.

In this Episode, Chuck and I (Kreg) introduce ourselves and talk about some of the topics we will be talking about in upcoming shows.





2 responses to “Episode 0 – Kick Off”

  1. odin1eye Avatar

    I am greatly looking forward to your podcast. I haven’t had a chance to grab the book yet, but I will. I am currently using wordpress.com and a purchased domain, but will likely be making the jump before the year is up. Thanks for the added value to the community.

  2. Charles Avatar

    Hi Guys, This is a great idea. I really needed an excuse to learn about WordPress as I have a domain parked that could use some content.
    Just subscribed to the feed and will order the book.
    Here’s your mission should you choose to accept: turn an aging geek into a WP guru. Good luck.

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