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  • Special: The Tech Show Interview

    Last week I made a guest appearance to talk about blogging on The Tech Show on WIFI 1460 AM New Jersey. This is a snippet of the show with Glenn and his daughters Bailey, Sarah, and Chelsea. Thanks Glenn! Play in new window | Download

  • WordPress maintenance fail and Facebook photo fetcher plugin

    I was recently doing an upgrade to one of my sites. I tried the automated update and it said it downloaded the software, was doing the upgraded and then just got stuck there. It never said the upgrade was completed. When I tried to get back in I was greeted with the message An automated…

  • Episode 5 – Forms

    I’m going to tell you how to create embedded forms in your site, manage that information, and even get notified of data changes – all for free. First the disclaimer – this feature only works with self-hosted solutions. Sorry users, but this calls for iframes and doesn’t support that today. It’s another one…

  • Episode 4 – Customized Menus

    As I redid my personal website one of the coolest things I discovered about the Twenty Ten theme (and several others) was the support for customized menus. You no longer need to employ a knowledgeable programmer to create tiered drop down menus. You can take your site navigation from simple page ordering to complex hierarchical…

  • Episode 3 – Migrating v2-v3 Sites

    In this episode, Kreg shares his experience with me about how we consolidated five WP sites in to a single v3 instance. What challenges were there? How did he overcome them? Why did we do this at all? We also give a quick update on the book! Play in new window | Download

  • Episode 2 – Secret Keys and More Space

    First, a little FYI – upcoming episodes in this series will be done by either Kreg or me. We have been running in to some scheduling conflicts and rather than hold up the content until we can get together, we’re going to divide and conquer and work to bring you these podcasts in a more…

  • Episode 1 – Pre-Blog Planning

    Before you through caution into the wind and start blogging there are some things that you should consider before you start. If you set expectations for yourself when you start, it will also set expectations for your readers. Play in new window | Download

  • Episode 0 – Kick Off

    This is our inaugural episode of Teach Yourself WordPress in 10 10 minutes podcast. Each episode is less than 10 minutes and we cover topics that didn’t make it into the book “Teach Yourself WordPress in 10 Minutes” and we will take a deeper look into topics that were presented. In this Episode, Chuck and I…