The Christmas Song – DDOA 20181202

Another mixed up mangled up song. Say, why not put the lyrics here so you can sing along? Sure, why not!

The Christmas song: English> Latin> Basque> Hebrew> Indonesian> Norwegian> English> Estonian> Catalan> English

Chestnut fire is strong;
Jack Frost nipple nip
The dance of the festivities is afraid
And people dress like the Eskimo

You do not know the turkey
Medications that support your life
Every time you burn your eyes
It is difficult to sleep at night

I know Santa is on my way
Loaded to play many good things
This train
And every mother
It’s like a child’s spy
You really know how to spread fear

That’s why I’m doing it
On the other hand, children have simple sentences;
Well, although I have said it repeatedly
So much
Apple I







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