It Came Upon a Midnight Clear – DDOA 20181216

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Midnight came,
A wonderful song last
Angels worship near the earth
Touch the gold clutches!

Peace on earth, good will for people,
From the Merciful Queen of Heaven!
The world was silent
Listen to voices.

It was still divided into heaven
Surrounded by peaceful deserts
But ride their heavenly music
Oh, tired in the world;
The first are unlucky and small
Feathers are floating.
And as soon as Babylon appears
Sing the angels kiss

But with the sadness of sin and war
The world has a long time;
He threw a fairy tale for the fairy tree
Two thousand years of bad;
Man has nothing to do with the man of war
They bring love songs:
Oh, the noise is calm, people of inconsistency,
And listen to the angels.

Look! It continues today,
According to the evil prophet,
When, in the bicycle years,
Will the golden age come?
Peace will be on the whole earth
The most weird man is drowned,
And they all make a song
Who are singing songs now?

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