Grinch – DDOA 20181209


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If the number average. Greench
You really stand
Cactus like you were a chick as charming. grinch
You can not make a bad banana black.

You are a monster, the Cat
Empty heart
Your brain is full of cobwebs and a sister garlic. grinch
It concerns two;

If you make a mistake, D. Cat
If termitime to the end?
Timasaha soft seasick and dessert, n. grinch
When you choose a couple of crocodiles sesamika gets!

Tingle hear you, sir. grinch
An evil king socialist system,
Liver tomato is dead, sir. grinch
There are three rolls and mining cherry sauce!

You can hit me Grinaca
The confusion!
The thief, in turn dirty and Hassan inclination tends to use it. grinch
Life is more than adulteries and Zaza
Waste can be hosted in a variety of flavors!

If you make a mistake, D. Cat
for sore throat
My heart is full of old news, poor soul, and so on. grinch
I have, he will watch what you seek is described in three words that best preserves the
Hey, you smell it, you smell it?







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