Episode 493 : Secret Subspace Messages

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  • Dinosaurs
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  • Death Star

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  • Andy Helsby – Slack
    • The advantage of slack is that the sharing, files and chats are fully searchable for everyone (with permission) to go back to later on, whereas IM is only available to those people in the chat at the time.
  • Marc Blackburn – DS9
    • Listened to your last episode and was intrigued by your discussion of deep space nine. Been a fan of the Star Trek universe since the late 1970s when I started watching reruns of TOS. My two bits about DS 9. I think it was the most consistently well written series from the very beginning. I recently rewatched the entire series. From the beginning it had rich characters, compelling stories, and great dialogue. I know that DS 9 is a lightning rod among fans, but I think it is the best of all of the follow on series. My two bits for this week…….

On This Day In History for December 14, 2016

This is the 348th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 17 days remaining in 2016.

  • It was on this date in 1542, that Princess Mary Stuart becomes Mary, Queen of Scots.
  • 234 years ago today, the Montgolfier brothers’ first balloon lifts off on its first test flight.
  • It was 116 years ago today, that  Max Planck presents a theoretical derivation of his black-body radiation law.
  • Also today in 1902, the Commercial Pacific Cable Company lays the first Pacific telegraph cable, from San Francisco to Honolulu.
  • It was on this date in 1903, that The Wright brothers make their first attempt to fly with the Wright Flyer at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
  • Also on December 14, 1911, Roald Amundsen’s team, comprising himself, Olav Bjaaland, Helmer Hanssen, Sverre Hassel, and Oscar Wisting, becomes the first to reach the South Pole.
  • It was 76 years ago today, that Plutonium (specifically Pu-238) is first isolated at Berkeley, California.
  • 58 years ago today, the 3rd Soviet Antarctic Expedition becomes the first to reach the southern pole of inaccessibility.
  • December 14, 1962, NASA’s Mariner 2 becomes the first spacecraft to fly by Venus.
  • Also today in 1972, Eugene Cernan is the last person to walk on the moon, after he and Harrison Schmitt complete the third and final extravehicular activity (EVA) of the Apollo 17 mission.
  • That same date in 1988, the ET3 Greek television network is launched in Thessaloniki.
  • 22 years ago today, construction begins on the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze river.

Happy birthday goes out on this date to:

  • Danish astronomer and chemist, Tycho Brahe, born on this date in 1546.
  • Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, French painter and illustrator was born on that same date in 1824.
  • George VI of the United Kingdom was born on that same date in 1895.
  • American geneticist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate, Edward Lawrie Tatum was born 107 years ago today.
  • American singer, actor, and bandleader, Spike Jones, born on this date in 1911.
  • Born December 14, 1916, American author Shirley Jackson.
  • Nikolay Basov, Russian physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate was born on that same date in 1922.
  • Patty Duke, the American actress was born 70 years ago today.
  • Canadian anthropologist, author, and photographer, Wade Davis, born on this date in 1953.
  • Also born on that same date in 1954,  Canadian physicist and astronaut, Steve MacLean.

Listener birthdays Dec 14-20:

  • If you want to get on the Technorama Birthday Calendar, visit our Wiki.

And that’s the way it was, on this day in history for December 14, 2016


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