Technorama Ep 338 – Beware the Penguins

In this episode…

  • A hill of beans actually does amount to something
  • Another perfectly normal thing shaped like a gun
  • Have you seen the new iPad? Are you sure?

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Introducing the team…

  • Shout out to the chat room
  • Happy Birthday to:
  • 23 – Steve Riekeberg a.k.a. MissingIntellect of Geek Cred
  • 23 – Richard Parkman
  • 25 – Nicholas St Gabriel
  • 26 – Chuck Tomasi
  • 26 – Brina Baird in Hampton, VA
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On This Day In History for March 21, 2012
This is the 81st day of the year. There are 285 days remaining in 2012.

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