Time Traveller or a Guy Who Dresses Ahead of His Time

A 1940's photo of a guy in modern day shades, t-shirt and SLR camera

Time Traveller or a guy too chic for 1940

Found this story through Photojojo. The story on Photojojo was whether this was fake or a really mysterious coincidence. The forensic analysis reminds me of a script-kiddy but it could pass for a cursory review. So what do you think? Is he a time traveller caught on tape or just a dude who dresses ahead of his time?

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One Response to Time Traveller or a Guy Who Dresses Ahead of His Time

  1. Andrea says:

    Actually, it’s neither. This picture has been analyzed by vintage enthusiasts on the message board, http://thefedoralounge.com/ and determined that each item in this guy’s outfit was available in the time period and his look was not uncommon for college students. If he was unusual for his time, the other figures in the picture would be taking more notice of her.