The Bug. The indescribable gadget building block.

Bug Labs – The open building block of gadgets via Ron Staton

A new gadget is floating to the top of the quagmire from CES. The Bug, is a Linux driven gadget with pluggable modules that build upon the Bug in a similar fashion to Lego blocks. For example a camera and a motion sensor can be plugged in to make a speed trap…I mean a security monitoring device. Well, you get the idea.

They are now selling the device to developers and telling everyone else to wait a while because there are no apps for the modules yet. But some of the upcoming add-ons are worth noting. Look at the right hand side of the page for products coming out in Q2. There’s touch-screen, mini-QWERTY keyboard, TELEPORTER, and a audio jack.

Someone’s got to get me a review unit.


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