CCT#193: Genius Bar

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  1. An interesting customer service story about Apple
  2. Invisible Tanks
  3. A geek’s tomb

On This Day in Tech History

  • 1492 – The Ensisheim Meteorite, the oldest meteorite with a
    known date of impact, struck the earth around noon in a wheat field
    outside the village of Ensisheim, Alsace, France.
  • 1665 – The London Gazette, the oldest surviving journal, is first published.
  • 1885 – In Craigellachie, British Columbia, construction ends on the Canadian Pacific Railway railway extending across Canada.
  • 1910 – The first air freight shipment (from Dayton, Ohio, to
    Columbus, Ohio) is undertaken by the Wright Brothers and department
    store owner Max Moorehouse.
  • 1932 – Buck Rogers in the 25th Century airs on radio for the first time.
  • 1940 – In Tacoma, Washington, the middle section of the
    Tacoma Narrows Bridge (“Galloping Gertie”) collapses in a windstorm, a
    mere four months after the bridge’s completion.
  • 1967 – US President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Public
    Broadcasting Act of 1967, establishing the Corporation for Public
  • 1996 – NASA launches the Mars Global Surveyor.
  • 2001 – The supersonic commercial aircraft Concorde resumes flying after a 15-month break.


  • 1687 – William Stukeley, English archaeologist (d. 1765)
  • 1867 – Maria Sklodowska-Curie, Polish-born chemist and
    physicist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in physics and in chemistry (d.
  • 1878 – Lise Meitner, Austrian/American chemist and physicist
    Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of nuclear fission (d. 1968)
  • 1888 – Sir C. V. Raman, Indian physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1970)
  • 1898 – Rapha
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