DDOP 2019-08-10: The Polynesians – Beautiful Blue Hawaii

A bit of a mystery on this one as I was reading from the sleeve, I took out the album and noticed it was not what the sleeve indicated. Close, but not the same.

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DDOP 2019-08-09: The Best of Peter, Paul and Mary – 10 Years Together

Lots of childhood memories on this one. While I listened to a lot of these (on vinyl) when I was a kid, this is not that album.

Side 1: Blowin’ in the wind, Too much of nothing, Lemon Tree, Stewball, 500 miles, I dig rock and roll music, If I had a hammer (The hammer song)

Side 2: Early morning rain, Leaving on a jet plane, Puff (the magic dragon), For lovin’ me, Don’t think twice it’s alright, Day is done

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DDOP 2019-08-08: Motley Crue – Shout at the Devil

From (reasonably) unknown origins, this wasn’t my thing at the time, but it’s mine now so it deserves digitizing as much as any other.

Tracks: In the beginning/Shout at the devil, Looks that Kill, Bastard, Knock ’em Dead, Kid, Danger, Too Young to Fall In Love, Helter Skelter, Red Hot, Ten Seconds ‘Till Love, God bless the Children of the Beast

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DDOP 2019-08-07: ELO – Discovery

A classic ELO album “Discovery” evokes memories of not only places and times, but the person who introduced me to the music.

Side 1: Shine a little love, Confusion, Need her love, The Diary of Horace Wimp

Side 2: Last Train to London, Midnight Blue, On the Run, Wishing, Don’t Bring Me Down

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DDOP 2019-08-06: LL Cool J – Bigger and Deffer

From 1987, I used to listen to LL Cool J for a time. His second album, Bigger and Deffer has a wide variety of songs. While I haven’t listened to it in the past 30 years, it was a great trip down memory lane.

Side 1: I’m Bad, Kanday, Get Down, The Bristol Hotel, My Rhyme Ain’t Done, 357 – Break It On Down

Side 2: Go Cut Creator Go, The Breakthrough, I Need Love, Ahh Let’s Get Ill, The Do Wop, On This Ill TIp


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DDOP 2019-08-05: Amadeus Soundtrack

From the mid-80s, when I was just starting my life-long love with classical music, this movie burst on the scene and I absolutely had to have the soundtrack. I still listen to it from time to time. Great stuff! Too many tracks for me to list here, but here’s a handy link

Amadeus (film) – Wikipedia

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DDOP 2019-08-03: Billy Joel – An Innocent Man

I remember purchasing this shortly after hearing “Uptown Girl” which blew me away because it was such a departure from what Billy Joel sounded like up to that point. This particular LP has some serious wear because it was on loan to the roller rink where I worked up until the time I left in 87. Loads of good memories in this album.

Side 1: Easy Money, An Innocent Man, The Longest Time, This Night, Tell Her About it

Side 2: Uptown Girl, Careless Talk, Christie Lee, Leave a Tender Moment Alone, Keeping the Faith

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DDOP 2019-08-04: Rolling Stones – Beggars Banquet

Another mystery album I don’t recall where it came from. Still, it has some good cuts on it and is classic Stones.

Side 1: Sympathy for the Devil, No Expectations, Dear Doctor, Parachute Woman, Jigsaw Puzzle
Side 2: Street Fighting Man, Prodigal Son, Stray Cat Blues, Factory Girl, Salt of the Earth

Beggars Banquet – Wikipedia

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DDOP 2019-08-02: Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits

I have no idea where this one came from, but it’s got some great tunes on it.
  1. Dream On
  2. Same Old Song and Dance
  3. Sweet Emotion
  4. Walk This Way
  5. Last Child
  6. Back In The Saddle
  7. Draw The Line
  8. Kings And Queens
  9. Come Together
  10. Remember (Walking in the Sand)
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DDOP 2019-08-01: Atlantic Starr – Secret Lovers

The theme this year is insights to my vinyl LP collection. As I digitize each one I’ll give you my thoughts on each one. It’s going to be a wild ride! We’re starting it off with this “gem”.

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