Tag: The Shadow

  • The Shadow – The White Legion

    A group calling itself “The White Legion” is abducting people and administering their own brand of justice outside the law. The Shadow thinks he knows who is behind this and will administer his own justice. http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep256-TheShadow-WhiteLegion.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

  • The Shadow – Silent Avenger

    Joseph Brecker, a convicted man sentenced to death, swears that each day he is held in prison, one member of the jury will die. The Shadow plans to pay a visit to Joe Brecker in prison. What will he learn? What risks will he take? Listen and find out. Originally aired March 13, 1938 http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep255-TheShadow-SilentAvenger.mp3Podcast:…

  • The Shadow – The Plot Murder

    John Wilson is accused of treason for sabotaging a new weapon known as “The Flying Torpedo”. Margot thinks there’s something strange about John’s behavior on the stand. She asks Lamont for a favor of The Shadow to pay a visit on Mr. John Wilson. Listen and learn what he finds out… Originally aired: February 27,…

  • The Shadow – Poison Death

    People all around town are being poisoned and dying. The police are baffled. There’s a ransom note from The Shadow and the police commissioner thinks it’s for real. Can The Shadow clear his name and solve this crime? Originally aired: January 30, 1938 http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep253-TheShadow-PoisonDeath.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

  • The Shadow – Society of the living dead

    A huge ring is forging passports and a local stock broker has committed suicide. Margot doesn’t think there’s a connection, but The Shadow has other ideas… Originally aired: January 23, 1938 http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep252-TheShadow-SocietyOfTheLivingDead.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

  • The Shadow – Sabotage

    Mysterious explosions aboard ships at sea are blamed on sabotage. Lamont and Margot are headed to Sag Island to investigate the shipyard where the ships are built. It’s another episode with Orson Welles as The Shadow! Originally aired: January 16, 1938 http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep251-TheShadow-Sabotage.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

  • The Shadow – League of Terror

    Michael Sullivan is sent to prison for accepting counterfeit money, but won’t reveal the source because he is afraid of what might happen to his family if he talks. Can the Shadow help? Originally aired: January 9, 1938 Featuring: Orson Welles http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep250-TheShadow-LeagueOfTerror.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

  • The Shadow – Death Triangle

    Dr. Evans issues a false claim to have helped a man claiming to be The Shadow so the real Shadow will reach out and contact him. Evans has received a death threat against him. Someone from his history is out to get him. Can The Shadow help save him? Listen and find out. Originally aired:…

  • The Shadow – Circle of Death

    Several bomb explosions by a man who hates crowds have the town in scared. The police are unable to make any progress. When Margot claims that The Shadow can catch the criminal, the Commissioner scoffs at the idea and challenges The Shadow to uncover evidence that the police force has overlooked. The Shadow accepts. Can…

  • The Shadow – The Temple Bells of Neban

    Lemont and Margot go to a club and an Indian dancer seems to know something about him, but doesn’t say what. The dancer has a secret of her own and The Shadow goes to find out more… Originally aired: October 24, 1937 http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep247-TheShadow-TheTempleBellsOfNeban.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download