Tag: Super Heroes

  • Superman vs. Atom Man – Part 38

    Determined to destroy Metropolis to avenge the defeat of Nazi Germany, the Atom Man turns his deadly kryptonite lightning against the Man of Steel in a battle royale more than 10,000 feet above the Metropolis reservoir. Originally aired: Dec 3, 1945 http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep240-Superman-vs-AtomMan-38.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

  • Superman vs. Atom Man – Part 37

    Minutes tick by as the Daily Planet staff grimly awaits the deluge that may doom Metropolis while Superman searches for the Nazi monster who is already releasing his nuclear might against the reservoir dam. As Superman attempts to stop the deadly Atom Man, the Nazi agent turns his deadly kryptonite power against the helpless Man…

  • Superman vs. Atom Man – Part 36

    Candy Myers and Jimmy Olsen revive the weakened Clark Kent. Preparing for the battle with the Atom Man that he fears will be his last, Clark says good-byte to Perry White, Jimmy Olsen and Inspector Henderson. Meanwhile, Henry Miller prepares to destroy the dam of the billion gallon reservoir flooding Metropolis with a deluge that will kill…

  • Superman vs. Atom Man – Part 35

    Clark Kent attempts to contact his would-be rescuer, but Perry White, Jimmy Olsen and Candy Myers dismiss Kent’s weakened signals until Myers discovers a secret passage in Sidney’s garage and finds he bodies of the Fat Man, Jito, and Clark Kent! Have they arrived too late to save the life of the Man of Steel?…

  • Superman vs. Atom Man – Part 34

    Dying of starvation in Sidney’s secret cellar stronghold, the Man of Steel is unaware of the Atom Man’s plan to kill everyone Metropolis. Fearing Clark Kent has been killed, Perry White and Jimmy Olsen return to Sidney’s lair accompanied by private detective Candy Myers. Originally aired: Nov 27, 1945 http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep236-Superman-vs-AtomMan-34.mp3Podcast: Play in new window |…

  • Superman vs. Atom Man – Part 33

    The dying Clark Kent is too weak to escape Miller’s death trap. The Atom Man again phones the mayor of Metropolis and threatens to flood the great city – killing every man, woman and child, unless the Nazi swastika is raised over the city hall. Originally aired: Nov 26, 1945 http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep235-Superman-vs-AtomMan-33.mp3Podcast: Play in new window…

  • Superman vs. Atom Man – Part 32

    After murdering Sidney and Jito, the tom Man leaves the beach house and the dying Clark Kent, who struggles vainly to escape the death trap. Henry Miller calls the mayor and announces his intent to destroy Metropolis Stadium. Originally aired: Nov 23, 1945 http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep234-Superman-vs-AtomMan-32.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

  • Superman vs. Atom Man – Part 31

    Henry Miller rails against his confinement in the secret underground hideout. Feigning unconsciousness, Clark Kent hovers near death; his only chance for survival rests with the growing schism between the Atom Man and the sinister Sidney. Originally aired: Nov 22, 1945 http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep233-Superman-vs-AtomMan-31.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

  • Superman vs. Atom Man – Part 30

    Jimmy Olsen and Candy Myers search Kent’s deserted apartment, and the private eye discovers a link between the mysterious Sidney and Nazi Germany. Olsen and Myers visit Sidney’s country home but fail to hear Clark’s weakened pleas for help. Originally aired: Nov 21, 1945 http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep232-Superman-vs-AtomMan-30.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

  • Superman vs. Atom Man – Part 29

    The sinister Sidney orders the Atom Man to cease his deadly kryptonite attack on the Man of Steel to preserve Miller’s atomic might. Miller and Jito carry Clark Kent’s unconscious body in to a secret room hidden beneath the Fat Man’s garage. hey plan to starve Superman to death by denying the unconscious Man of…