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  • The Shadow – Death Triangle

    Dr. Evans issues a false claim to have helped a man claiming to be The Shadow so the real Shadow will reach out and contact him. Evans has received a death threat against him. Someone from his history is out to get him. Can The Shadow help save him? Listen and find out. Originally aired:…

  • The Shadow – Circle of Death

    Several bomb explosions by a man who hates crowds have the town in scared. The police are unable to make any progress. When Margot claims that The Shadow can catch the criminal, the Commissioner scoffs at the idea and challenges The Shadow to uncover evidence that the police force has overlooked. The Shadow accepts. Can…

  • The Shadow – The Temple Bells of Neban

    Lemont and Margot go to a club and an Indian dancer seems to know something about him, but doesn’t say what. The dancer has a secret of her own and The Shadow goes to find out more… Originally aired: October 24, 1937 http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep247-TheShadow-TheTempleBellsOfNeban.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

  • The Shadow – Murder By The Dead

    Peter Swift, a sentenced man swears to get his revenge from beyond the grave on three people. One turns up dead soon after Peter’s execution. Can The Shadow solve this puzzler? Apologies for the audio quality on this one. It sounds as if it was recorded in a room full of listeners, which adds an…

  • The Shadow – Death House Rescue

    The first old time radio show I recall listening to and still one of my all time favorites. A good man is tricked in to taking part in a serious crime. He’s accused and sentenced. Can The Shadow undo this wrong before his death sentence is carried out? Originally aired: September 26, 1937 http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep245-TheShadow-DeathHouseRescue.mp3Podcast: Play…

  • The Lone Ranger – How Tonto Saved The Lone Ranger

    This is the story of how The Lone Ranger’s faithful companion, Tonto, saved his life. http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep244-LoneRanger-4.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

  • The Lone Ranger – Only Living Relative

    This is the story of how the Lone Ranger found his only living relative, years after his brother, another Texas Ranger was killed. http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep243-LoneRanger-3.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

  • The Lone Ranger – The Story of Silver

    This is the story of how The Lone Ranger and his legendary horse “Silver” first met. http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep242-LoneRanger-2.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

  • The Lone Ranger – Pilot Episode

    This is the story of Dan Reed and how he became The Lone Ranger. Originally aired January 30, 1933. http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep241-LoneRanger-1.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

  • Superman vs. Atom Man – Part 38

    Determined to destroy Metropolis to avenge the defeat of Nazi Germany, the Atom Man turns his deadly kryptonite lightning against the Man of Steel in a battle royale more than 10,000 feet above the Metropolis reservoir. Originally aired: Dec 3, 1945 http://www.chuckchat.com/media/radioyesterday/RY-Ep240-Superman-vs-AtomMan-38.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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