Journey Into Space – Operation Luna – Part 9 of 12

After taking off from the moon, Jett Morgan and the crew of rocket ship Luna landed back on the Earth some thousands of years before or after they left it. All efforts to determine at what period of time they’d landed proved useless. For besides sighting other spaceships, which hovered overhead as though observing them, and seeing a strange machine which came out of the forest one night and returning before dawn, Jett had found a stone knife near their campfire. The evidence seemed to suggest that they’d landed at a period of time when there existed on the Earth not only a super civilization but also a very primitive one. And then, early one morning, the strange music which had been heard so often before was heard again. Jett turned on the televiewer to find that outside the ship another spaceship had landed identical to the one Mitch had seen and entered on the moon. Jett decided to try and contact it by radio…

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