Journey Into Space – Operation Luna – Part 6 of 12

After being stranded on the moon for 14 earth days due to a power failure, the rocket ship Luna was at last ready to make her return journey back to Earth. Then a strange object which looked like another spaceship appeared on the televiewer screen, and Jett Morgan and Mitch went out to investigate it. Mitch entered the craft, and according to him, left almost immediately when he felt the ship begin to vibrate.  But when he returned to own ship, Mitch found that he’d been in the strange spacecraft longer than he’d thought and that during that time his voice had been heard explaining that the spaceship was actually from another part of the universe and had reached our solar system by traveling through time. The rocket ship Luna took off, but before setting her nose towards the Earth and home, went in to a circular orbit around the moon so that the far side could be photographed.

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