The Avengers – Too Many Oles (3 of 6)

The mystery of what happened to John deepens. Listen and find out more.

And don’t forget about “Cold Water Omo”.





2 responses to “The Avengers – Too Many Oles (3 of 6)”

  1. Mike Witherspoon Avatar
    Mike Witherspoon

    I discovered The Avengers a few months ago. I finally heard so many of the commercials I did a little research and found out that Omo is still an active product. It is a Unilever brand available internationally and there are several websites that sell it. Search for Omo (the actual rather product name) rather than “cold water Omo” (which is what it sounds like the name should be from the ads) and you will get lots of hits, including a history of Omo.

  2. Grizzly Smith Avatar

    Liking “The Avengers.” I’m having a bit of trouble because Emma Peale sounds like Emma Peale, mostly, but Steed doesn’t sound like Steed, from the TV. Story’s fairly consistent with the TV shows, though.

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