Star Trek – The Robot Masters

Made sometime in 1979, this is an interesting bit of radio lore. The characters are there, but the actors have been changed. I’ve never heard of Star Trek doing a radio production like this. It almost sounds more like fan production. Premise: A shipment of robots for the Enterprise goes missing. Who’s stolen them and what for?

This is a fun listen. I’ve got one more coming up.

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2 Responses to Star Trek – The Robot Masters

  1. Michael says:

    It’s not a radio play. It’s one of several stories produced for the Power Records label.

    The first set had stories by Alan Dean Foster among others. I’m not sure this one is by him or not.

    I had this on a record growing up….

  2. Mary says:

    Hi. This was published as a book and record set in 1979 by Peter Pan Records. Perhaps this is the recording that you heard.

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