Dr. Michio Kaku

We’re thrilled as Dr. Michio Kaku returns to talk about his new book “Physics of the Future“.

Will robots take over the planet a la SkyNet? What’s the definition of “smart”? How ethical is it for scientists to manipulate DNA of an unborn baby? Can they regrow an organ or a limb? We discuss this and more.


Jonathan Strickland

We know him as the guy we see at Dragon*Con every year. You may, or may not, know him as the Senior Editor for How Stuff Works.com. We talk to Jonathan about his work at the site, how things are chosen for assignments and peer into his background.

Tron Guy

With all the hype around Tron:Legacy, we thought we would check in with one of the Internet’s most notable Tron icons, Jay Maynard – better known as Tron Guy. This interview isn’t just about his costume and the movie. We explore Jay’s got his own “legacy” of computers and skills to match. And if you think you can predict his answers to our quick quiz, guess again.

Neil Grayston

Neil GraystonActor Neil Grayston is best known for his role as Douglas Fargo on SyFy channel’s popular show Eureka. Neil took a few minutes from his busy schedule to hang out (and geek out) with me. We talk about Eureka, of course, and run down some rabbit trails.

Listen and enjoy!

Gil Gerard

Join us for a great interview with Gil Gerard live from Dragon*Con 2010. Gil is most famous for his role in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, but he has also been involved with many other shows and movies. He also talked to us at length about an upcoming project he’s working on. Want to know more? Give a listen.

Edward James Olmos

Kreg and I caught up with Edward James Olmos at Dragon*Con 2010. He was kind enough to give us an exclusive interview in exchange for a cup of coffee. The interview was early and we were a bit tired from the night before. Nevertheless, Edward hit it out of the park with this one.

Find out what Edward did before he was an actor and how he achieved it. This is an amazing story about dedication and perseverance.

Episode 0

What’s this podcast all about? Listen and find out the who, what, why, when, where, and how from our short interview with each other.

–Chuck & Kreg

Welcome to Interface To Face

Welcome to our new podcast and website! Thanks for stopping by.

The premise of this dubious combination is to showcase “famous” people in tech, science, sci-fi, and other interesting genres. This is similar to what we covered in our interviewing series on Technorama, but we wanted to separate the light-hearted nature of Technorama from the more serious interviews we were doing. More information will be coming in Episode 0, due out shortly.

Kreg and I are working as hard as possible to release the first episode of Interface To Face. We’re going to launch this rocket soon! Get ready for a ride you won’t want to miss.